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Upcoming Tryouts


Because of weather Baseball U will be holding tryouts for both Middle School and High School on Sunday, August 13th at the Wall Municipal Complex in Wall Twp, NJ.

Cost to attend this tryout is $30.00

(Those players who make the team have a $30.00 credit towards their fall fee)

(Players that do not show up to the tryout forfit their $30.00)


Registered Players Please Check E-Mail as Details Were Sent

Please Check E-Mail For Changes and Details As It Was Sent Thursday at 9:40PM


High School

Grad Years: 2018,2019,2020,2021

Sunday, August 13th

Pitchers: 5:00PM-6:00PM

Catchers: 5:00PM-6:00PM

Position Players and Batting: 6:00PM-8:30PM

High School Players will attend various tournaments in the tri-state area as well as attend our own Baseball U event at Rutgers University. Season starts after Labor Day and our events are in September and October leading into our winter training.

Baseball U has already been invited to attend the Perfect Game WWBA World Championships in Jupiter. This team will be selected by the Baseball U staff and this team has had 96 Players taken in the MLB Draft the past 10 years. This team is an invite only event and contains players of the highest level with possible draft pick status.

Along with the Jupiter team Baseball U also sends teams to the Perfect Game WWBA Underclass World Championships (Multiple Teams) as well as the new event the 2020 Grad World Championships both in Ft. Myers, Florida in October. These teams are composed of players from all the Baseball U Organizations and are highly attended by college coaches.

Fall Fees

HS Committed to College Players $995

HS Uncommitted to College Players $1195

WWBA Underclass / 2020 World Championship $275 (Optional Event / Players Selected)





Middle School

Sundday August 13th

Grades: 8th, 7th, 6th

Pitchers: 5:00PM-6:00PM

Catchers: 5:00PM-6:00PM

Position Players and Batting 6:00PM-8:30PM

Middle School will have the same focus as our high school players and that is getting the player prepared for high school and his recruiting years. We will do this by teaching the game from the ground up while learning baseball fundamentals such as where to be on any given play. Details are what college coaches look for and we will teach these players these details and preparing them for what challenges they will occur in the game of baseball.

While winning is great, preparing a player to develop as an individual is our focus. Our history shows that our development of a player pays off in the later years with them winning many events, earning college scholarships as well as even every players dream of playing Major League Baseball.

Our players will have a weekly practice as well as play in various tournaments after Labor Day in September and October leading into our winter training.

13U/14U Fall Team Fee $995




Baseball U holds several tryouts each year.

Each tryout requires a registration form to be filled out for that tryout. When the registration for a particular group we will post this form on our site. Until then please fill out a "Prospective Player" form so you can also be notified of any tryouts as well as openings with the team.


Spring Season (11U/12U 50/70 - Middle School Baseball Offered)

The spring tryouts for the above age group usually takes place at the end of October or beginning of November for the spring younger age teams.


Summer Season (High School - Middle School Baseball Offered)

The summer tryouts for the above age group usually takes place at the end of October or beginning of November. The team will also hold private workouts for players that missed the summer tryouts during the team Winter Workouts in January and February.


Fall Season (High School - Middle School and 11U/12U 50/70 Baseball Offered)

The fall tryouts will be held in early August of 2017. Interested players should fill out a prospective player form so you can also be notified of the registration process and dates.


Special Event Tryouts


Perfect Game USA WWBA World Championship Held on October 19-23 in Jupiter, Florida

This event is the largest amatuer scouting event in the world. Baseball U has been invited to this event 10 years in a row and will be attending again in the fall of 2017. Over 500 colleges attend this event and every Major League Baseball Team has at least 15 scouts from their organization on hand to evaluate for the 2018 MLB Draft. Baseball U has had 87 players drafted from this team including 8 1st Round selections. Baseball U selects the best players from all 5 of their organizations and will add players to the roster at a position if we feel we do not have a possible draft prospect at that position within the organization. Interested players from outside Baseball U should fill out a "Prospective Player Form" and email John Wells directly notifying him of your interest to join the team in Jupiter which is the Spring Training home to the St. Louis Cardinals and the Miami Marlins. The roster will have 12-13 position players and 10-11 pitchers on the roster. This event has the Top 82 teams from not only the USA but Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic as well. Last year over 200 pitchers hit 90MPH or better at this event. Baseball U won their bracket and advanced the the second round of the playoffs before losing an extra inning playoff game.


Perfect Game USA WWBA 2020 World Championship Held on October 13-16 in Ft. Myers, Florida

This the first year of this event for Perfect Game. With the landscape ever changing this event will benefit the early recruiting process for the college coaches. This event is for 2020 Grads and possibly a 2021 grad. These games are held in Ft. Myers, Florida at the Boston Red Sox and the Minnesota Twins spring training complexes. Interested players should submit a "Prospective Player" form as well as email John Wells directly. We will notify you of a tryout and also request information on you as a player such as any video you might have. Baseball U will hold tryouts from within the 5 organizations and also add a few players outside the organization as needed by a position for this event.