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Baseball U has been named #1 Team in NJ at the 17U Age by Perfect Game USA for 2018 and 2019


Dates to Be Announced

Cost to attend this tryout is $40.00

(Those players who make the team have a $40.00 credit towards their fee)

(Those playes who do not make cut the first time will be given a $20 credit towards winter workouts where they can be choosen through improvment.)

(Players that do not show up to the tryout forfit their $40.00)

 2019 PERFECT GAME WWBA 9th Place Finish WWBA World Championship

Baseball U is considered one of the top travel baseball organizations in the country. As of September of 2020 Baseball U has had 128 Major League Baseball draft picks. In the past 9 MLB Drafts (2018-2013) the organization has had 9 First Round players selected alone. Over 780+ players have been offered opportunities to play college baseball since the first graduation class of 2007.

Baseball U has won 14 Perfect Game Championships.

128 Alum Selected in the MLB Draft

10 1st Round MLB Draft Picks

13 Players have reached the Major Leagues.

780+ Players placed in college.

We are a tournament only team meaning that we do not play in leagues but only compete in tournaments.

Baseball U is one of only two teams in the Northeast that have been to the largest Perfect Game scouting event

since 2006 in the PG WWBA World Championship.

You only get one chance to go through the recruiting process. Why take a chance with pop up organizations when a college scholarhip or possible chance at playing

MLB baseball is on the line? We have history and history speaks volume in the baseball world when the time comes.

Anyone can have a relationship with college coaches but as someone said to me a few years ago, "You have trusted friendships with the colleges"


Our location is the First Baseball U organization. We have since spread out to various states and all of the players will have the opportunity to play their

way on to the teams entered in the major events. Our competition likes to say Baseball U is only for the top tier players which might be partially true but

if you look at our college list (not updated for 2019) you will see we send our players to all levels of baseball from D I, II, III, JUCO and NAIA as well as

directly to the MLB organizations.


Winter Training

Our players will train over the winter starting in January and have the option to come in twice a week until the first weekn in March.

Our training has position specific professional trainers in the area of hitting, infield, outfield, pitching and catching.

We will have you ready for your spring high school or middle school season.


HS / MS Tryout Date

To Be Announced

Registration Link Will Open Shortly

For now please fill out Prospective Player Form HERE


High School

Summer Tryout

(Summer Season is June - August)

Grad Years: 2022, 2023, 2024



Middle School

Grades: 8th, 7th, 6th (Spring Grade)

(Our Middle School Season is a Spring/Summer team. We start our tournaments in May and it will end in early August.

We start later not to interfer with pitchers and players Middle School season. We will provide training to our MS players

starting in March. This March training is a follow-up to our winter training that they will have just finished and works around

the Middle School schedule right up until the start of our Tournament season in May. No more cold 30 degree Saturday morning

baseball when we can be training and improving our skills indoors.)



Baseball U holds several tryouts each year for various seasons.

Missed our tryout? Email [email protected] to see when the next tryout is or send video.


Special Event Tryouts

To be Announced


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