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Baseball U which started at the Jersey Shore in 2007 has added 4 franchises over the past 7 years. Those franchises are located in Fairfield Connecticut, Scranton Pennsylvania, Syracuse New York and Westfield New Jersey.

We are always interested in seeing how we can grow the program. The Baseball U Name is one of the most familiar names when it comes to college recruiting across the country. The relationships that the organization has developed with college coaches grows each year. The benefit to a new franchise is they get the usage of the name, logo as well as the past history of Baseball U to sell to their future and current players. By becoming a member of Baseball U the new franchise also gets to attend certain Baseball U events that are highly attended by college coaches as well as have their players tryout for the high end national tournament teams in which everyone benefits from the Baseball U success at these events. Many national events Baseball U attends are not available to newer teams as the wait list gets longer every year.

One of the biggest advantages to becoming a Baseball U franchise is that each of these franchises has their own connections with schools from their part of the northeast. When one player is in the college recruiting process we all pass on information to the other coaches and we have one goal in trying to help this player gain a college scholarship and our pool of relationships with these various colleges grows.

Baseball U is looking to expand in other areas as well as add a Youth Age component to the program with the same format as the high school age players.

If you are interested in speaking about the possibility of becoming part of Baseball U please feel free to email John Wells directly.