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What We Do

Baseball U is considered one of the top baseball developmental and placement organizations in the country and recognized so by Perfect Game USA the largest scouting recruiting service in the world.



Founded in 2006 Baseball U has now over a decade of experience in developing a player's baseball skills and mindset helping them move on to college and yes, even professional baseball. Since the first graduating Class of 2007 we have helped over 704 players move on to play baseball in college. During this time (May 31st, 2017), the organization has had 124 alumni drafted by Major League Baseball. 10 of those picks have been selected in the first round. An amazing streak is currently on going (As of May 31st) in that Baseball U has had a player selected in the 1st round, 6 years in a row with a total of 9 1st round selections during those 7 drafts. This is something that no other travel organization can claim to have done let alone a college. In the June 2018 MLB Draft the team  kept this streak alive by having a player taken in the 1st round, 7 consecutive years.


Our Organizations

Baseball U is an organization that started with one team back in 2006 and has now grown to have 5 organizations in 4 states. The main campus is located at the Jersey Shore in New Jersey where the National Prospect teams are formed from the other 4 organizations. Other Baseball U locations are located in Fairfield Connecticut, Scranton Pennsylvania, Syracuse New York and in what we call North New Jersey. 


Our Format

All the organizations provide year round training for the athletes and have their own seasonal schedule for their teams as well. Each organization brings their teams to events in the northeast working on the developmental end of the game and exposing them to colleges in doing so. The concept is pretty simple and the easiest way to explain it would be from a Little League standpoint. Each organization has teams that compete and practice concentrating on the development end of the game and while we win making players college ready is the focus just as your local little league does. When it comes time for the Districts your town Little League forms an All Star team competing in the bigger events. We do the same format except on a larger scale with 5 organizations. When it comes time for the larger national recruiting events the team holds tryouts from all 5 organizations bringing together what we call our National teams. These teams only compete in the larger national events together that are held in Georgia and Florida. In most cases the team sends two teams from each graduation class for that year to each event. In reality it is an All Star team composed of players covering as many as 9 different northeast states. So when you are at your local tournament such as Diamond Nation and other venues those teams are not the national teams but individual organizations prepping for the All Star teams composed of all the Baseball U organizations which forms quite and impressive team for the college coaches to recruit from.


Education First

Not everyone is going to play Division 1 Baseball and that is a fact. We have had an amazing percentage of our players move on to play in college. In our 10 years we have only had 17 players that have not went on to college that have played through their senior year. Most of those players that did not move on to play college baseball at some level chose to play another college sport. In college athletes are called student ahtletes not athletes students. Our goal is to help a player get into school that is both an academic fit as well as athletic. We hold tryouts every year because we believe that everything has to be earned. If a player shows the ability during a season that he can perform on a consistent level at his age group and he is better than the person above him, we will move him up. We have had several players start out at their age group and move up to play on our top graduation class Prospect Team and that was earned not given. We do not keep everyone that attends a tryout here at Baseball U. We are not here to collect checks from a family but provide an honest evaluation of a player and if we feel we can help them play in college we accept that player and move forward with the process. We will only have as many teams as players as we feel we can help get into school from a baseball standpoint. We generally only have 4-5 teams in a season where if we kept everyone we could have 10-13. The bottom line is that in today's world it is impossible on the local end to have that many competitive teams and more importantly have that many quality coaches to coach the young men. We take our coaching staff seriously and we ask our qualified coaches to treat each player as if they were their own son trying to get better at the game of baseball.


Recruiting Process

The recruiting process is a very humbling experience. As a parent this might be your first time going through this process and it can be stressful to say the least. We have many years of understanding the process and how it works and what colleges look for in a player. We are here to help you understand the process and the ever changing rules of recruiting as they change every year in what is allowed and what is not. One of the biggest misconceptions we hear is that Baseball U is only for the high-end player. This is anything but the truth and if you look at our college commitment list you will see that we send players to all levels of college including DI, DII, DIII, NAIA and JUCO. What makes a high-end player? We like to think that it's a player that has some skills but does not know how to bottle them and that is where we take the average player and make them good. High School baseball is far different that high-end travel baseball. Because you are a good high school player does not mean you will be a college baseball player. Many variables come into play in becoming a college baseball player at any level. You do not face 87MPH to 95MPH day in and day out and a pitcher that has advanced off speed stuff in high school. We see players all the time hit the 80MPH pitcher but does that swing translate into hitting 85MPH? 90 percent of the time it is no and that is part of understanding the college mechanics and game. You need an organization that is trusted by the college coaches to give them honest evaluations of a player both on the field and in the dugout. Once they see the player compete they will have their own opinion on a player and it is solely up to the player to earn his scholarship based on his results on the field. Our history speaks for itself in placing players and we are here to help you through the process.



We will not guarantee you a college scholarship or that you will be drafted and never will. That is up to a player's performance and the key to that is, consistency. A player can have a good day at the plate and go 0-3. That player that took his first at bat and moved a runner over from second base did his job. He did not have a hit but had a productive at bat. His next two times up he hit the ball hard right at a fielder and recorded outs. He ended up 0-3 but that is a good day at the plate. We teach our and develop our players to understand the game and an out can be a productive one. We are more than just developing the skills end of the game as the mindset and understanding is just as if not more important when playing the game of baseball. The sooner the player develops the mind the sooner he will be able to execute his skills on the field. Baseball is not just baseball if you want to become a top player. Plenty of talented players get selected in the MLB Draft and are given millions of dollars and never make it past High A minor league ball. It is not because they are not talented it is because they never learned to repeat and understand the game.


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